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Commercial Alternative Financing and Commercial Working Capital

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  • Do you have needs for commercial alternative financing or commercial working capital?
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    • Alternative Finance Collections
    • Equipment Finance Collections
    • Rehabilitations/ Early Stage
    • Defaults, 2nds, 3rds, and 4th placements
    • Deficiencies
    • Pre-legal, Legal Path and Litigation
    • Judgments
    • Repossessions
    • Deep Skip Tracing
  • Dedicated Commercial Recovery includes the following services:
    • Business to Business Collections
    • Business Advance Collections
    • Business to Business Debt Collections
Commercial recovery situations require businesses to deal with many organizations. First a collection agency, next another vendor for voluntary recovery, and finally when needed a vendor for remarketing. It is important to have one trusted and results-orientated vendor, especially in today’s regulatory environment. Welcome to Dedicated Commercial Recovery! While our core business is collections, our team is trained to help voluntarily recover and sell your equipment for prices that bring a better value to our clients.
You empower businesses to grow and bring their services to a wider customer base. Any money we recover for you is an opportunity for you to give another business its chance. Your accounts are not just a source of revenue—each relationship is an opportunity to support small business growth in our country. Our commercial collections are putting money back into the American economy. No other collections company has done what we’re doing—approaching commercial collections with a value set like ours. From the top down, every interaction is focused on treating you and the businesses that owe you money with integrity and respect.