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Commercial Collection Agency

Commercial Collection Agency at Dedicated Commercial Recovery

  • 98.2% Percent of our clients place repeat business
  • 29.2% Payer rate- after 90 days of placement
  • 100% Contingency fee for legal
  • Trying to Collect on Accounts Receivable?
  • Need collection services?
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    • B2B Collection Agency
    • National Collection Agency
    • MCA Collections/Recovery
    • Judgement Collections
    • Commercial Debt Collection
    • Accounts Receivable Collections
  • Most noteworthy Dedicated Commercial Recovery specializes in the following services:
    • Equipment Finance Collections
    • Pre-legal, Legal Path and Litigation
    • Rehabilitations/ Early Stage
    • Defaults, 2nds, 3rds, and 4th placements
    • Deficiencies
    • Judgments
    • Repossessions
    • Deep Skip Tracing
    • Alternative Finance Collections

Typical Commercial collection agency situations.

First of all typical situations require businesses to deal with multiple organizations. Certainly a collection agency, also a vendor for voluntary recovery, and finally sometimes another vendor for remarketing. It is also important in today’s regulatory environment to have one trusted and results-orientated vendor for all of your needs. Above all welcome to Dedicated CRI! While our core business is collections, our team is trained to help voluntarily recover and sell your equipment for maximum prices.
Finally at Dedicated Commercial Recovery, we find that businesses like yours sometimes require commercial collection services.

Commercial Collection Agency. First of all Commercial Collections Services are ways of effectively collecting on non-collateralized debt.
Similarly, Commercial lenders and businesses get paid with Dedicated Commercial Recovery’s assistance and expertise in Commercial equipment. Hence, Specializing in:

    • First of all Finance and leasing,
    • Similarly merchant cash advance and working capital,
    • another area is commercial property lease collections,
    • another unpaid purchase order collections
    • also balances owed for security
    • finally janitorial services

For that reason, if you’re owed money for your business services, we make sure you get it. Hence, when you work with Dedicated CRI you work first hand with professional accomplished collection experts. Our proprietary commercial collections methods and we personalize the business collections approach to make recovery simple and seamless.
Furthermore dedicated’s professional organization of skilled and trained negotiators are an extension agent of your company- to effectively collect commercial invoices. Finally, we help business owners and credit managers get results quickly and cost effectively.